Drones Africa Conference 2018

Jun 20, 2018, 8:30 AMJun 21, 2018, 4:00 PM (Europe/Moscow)
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  • Get ready for the drone revolution – learn about the regulations and applications of UAVs in Africa

    After the success of the Drones series of events in GCC, IQPC is pleased to announce the Drones Africa Conference which will be taking place from 20-21 June 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya.

    Given the potential of UAV’s and the ever-increasing number of drone approval seekers in the country, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has been taking huge steps towards releasing drone regulations in the country. The Drones Africa Conference is put together to provide updates on the drone regulations in Kenya and rest of East Africa, identify innovations in drones technologies, provide an in-depth understanding of the various applications of these machines and discuss best practices to help companies kick-start their drone operations.

    Why you should not miss out on this event?

    If you are a drone regulator: Come and learn about the regulations in Kenya and rest of East Africa. Understand how other countries in Africa and rest of the world are working towards safely integrating drones into their commercial air space and discuss best practices and strategies for implementing drone regulations in the country.

    If you are a drone end user: Gain an in depth understanding about the various drone technologies. Learn about the different applications of UAVs and how they can help you perform your company operations faster, more efficiently, save costs and add to your profitability.

    If you are drone manufacturer, service provider, component provider or software provider: This is your opportunity to showcase you company’s offerings in front of the major stakeholders in East Africa. Identify the various challenges faced by drone end users and regulators in the region and discuss how your technology can help solve their challenges.

    No matter what role you play in the drone industry, this event is a one stop shop for you to gain insights on this innovative technology and how it will be shaping the future. This conference will bring together some of the key stakeholders in the drones industry to discuss the upcoming opportunities for this technology in the region.

    Come and learn about the recent drone regulations, ensure safe drone operations and get answers to all your queries related to drones and their operations.

    Why you cannot miss this event?

    Learn about the new developments in the regulations in Kenya and rest of East Africa and understand the approval process you need to follow in order to start using drones for your corporate operations

    Hear about how drone users in rest of Africa have partnered with the civil aviation authorities to ensure safe use of drones

    Network with international speakers to learn how they have benefited by lower costs, improved operations and enhanced safety when using drones

    Discover some of the latest drone technologies by networking with our solution providers and the exhibition to understand capabilities and limitations of drone technologies and discuss the upcoming innovations in this field, helping you choose the best machine for your operations

    Learn how drones can be customised for your use by hearing about the different applications of this technology

    Who should attend?

    The Drones Africa Conference is developed with the help and expertise of some of the most innovative and forward thinking individuals who have been using UAVs for various corporate projects. This event will bring together individuals from various commercial communities to learn about how they can work with the local regulators to implement drones for their operations and use this technology to cut costs, save time, improve safety of employees and save lives. If you belong to any of the below mentioned industries then you should not miss out on the opportunity to attend this event and learn how you can benefit from UAVs:

    Emergency Services: Police, Civil Defence, Coast Guard, Fire and Safety, Rescue Teams, Ambulatory Services

    Energy Sector: Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities, Mining

    Transportation: Roads and Transportation Authorities, Railways, Civil Infrastructure

    Government Organisations: Ministries, Public Authorities, Healthcare Authorities

    Aviation and Aviation Regulatory Bodies: Airlines, Airports, Air Navigation Services, Civil Aviation Authorities

    Construction: Developers & Builders, Construction Companies, Architectural Firms, Urban Planners, Building Inspection

    Research & Development: Universities, Drone Labs and Researchers

    Suppliers: Drone Manufacturers, Insurance Providers, UAV Service Providers, Training Institutes and UAV Parts Suppliers

    Others: Environment Agencies and Food and Agriculture Companies

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Event Website: http://https://dronesafrica.iqpc.ae/