IDE TOKYO 2018 - International Drone Expo Tokyo 2018

May 23, 2018, 10:00 AMMay 25, 2018, 6:00 PM (Asia/Hong_Kong)
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  • About IDE TOKYO
    Rapid expansion of the drone business market is expected, while the performance and safety of drones are increasing, such as remote control by wireless technology, automated control of flight by computer, and airframe control using GPS and sensors,
    IDE TOKYO will be held simultaneously with "Wireless Japan" and "Wireless Technology Park",two expos dedidcated to wireless technologies and solutions indispensable for robots and drones.
    During the event, we will show you high performance drones and latest robots technologies using the latest wireless technologies.
    You will also learn the up-to-date information on policy-making on relationships between wireless communications and aeroplanes and security guarantee over people and building in Japan and foreign countries.
    It would be the best place to learn how use of drones in the business market and latest technologies through exhibition and seminars.

    Meet about 55,000 attendees for business matching!

    1. Manufacturers which deal with flying robots or drones or manufacturers listed below which are planning to join the market in the near future.
    IT/communication devices, industrial machineries, consumer electronics, precoson machine, electronic devices, semiconductors, automibile
    2. Telecommunication carriers, broadcasters
    1. Products and technologies that are needed to produce drones
    ex) High-definition camera, sensor, controls, powet source, propeller, motor, parachute etc.
    2. Software that are needed to produce drones
    ex) Wireless, 4G/5G, self-control technologies. positional measurement, satellite communication, power charging/supply technologies etc.
    3. Soutions and services using drones inspection of infrastructure, disaster investigation, observation, aerial shooting, logistic/delivery, security, mesurement etc.

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